Mattress Care Guide

Looking After Your Product

At, we believe that taking care of your bed is essential. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car and not bother maintaining it, would you?

We have prepared some top tips for keeping your bed and mattress fit for purpose well into its later life.

Please note, our mattresses are designed primarily for our own beds. If you are thinking of using one of our mattresses on a bed (not purchased from us), please contact us via email at as we can advise you further before making a purchase.

Air It Out

It’s important to let your mattress air from time to time. In fact, when your mattress is delivered, you should let it air for four hours. However, we also recommend that you let it breathe in between changing your bedding too. Take the following steps for a more hygienic, long-lasting mattress:

  1. Pull off all the bed linen and let the mattress breathe. Remove all clothing, sheets and even pillows from the mattress so that it is completely open to the air. If possible, open all windows and allow the sun to shine on the mattress through the window. When the sun shines on the mattress, it will naturally purge it of many germs and bacteria.This is the ideal time to wash your sheets and other bedding as necessary. A recommended washing time is weekly for sheets and pillowcases and quarterly for blankets and heavier bedding items.Wash the mattress cover monthly to quarterly, depending on how dirty it appears
  2. Vacuum the mattress. With the mattress exposed to the fresh air, run your vacuum over the mattress to gather any dust which may have accumulated on it. You need not vacuum every time you air the mattress, but a weekly or monthly vacuuming will help to remove dust and dust mites. With the mattress vacuumed, air will more easily flow over and through the mattress, and you will reduce the amount of time needed to air it.
  3. Get a friend to help lift the mattress. You will be unable to easily maneuver your mattress outside yourself. In order to get it through your house and outside, enlist the aid of an able-bodied friend. Air the mattress outdoors as often as you have time for, but aim for once or twice a year. Get help moving it to a dry, clean spot outdoors. Make sure it is a sunny out, whether it's winter or summer.
  4. Leave the mattress in the sun to air for at least 3-4 hours. Leaving it out for 6 hours or more is preferable. Don't leave the mattress out in the evening air, cold or possibly wet weather or it will become damp. Return it to the bedroom before the sun or until you think its had enough time. Make sure to choose a safe location and keep an eye on it at all times. If the weather begins to change or it starts to get colder bring the mattress in immediately. If taking the mattress outside is not a possibility leaving it leaning on its side against a wall for 3-4 hours for each side will be a good second choice. Make sure the mattress is not bowing or bending in any way, the wall is there to support it and prevent this. 

Then, you can re-dress your mattress with it feeling fresher. For added purification, introduce plants into the bedroom. Plants purify the air naturally and will ensure the air your mattress is exposed to is as fresh as can be.

Rotate or Flip Your Mattress

You’ll need to flip or rotate your mattress frequently in order to maintain its shape and keep getting a top-quality sleep. The amount you need to do this falls upon your own judgement, if you mattress is losing its shape quicker than normal, it means you need to flip/rotate it more often. Doing this will ensure you’re sleeping on different areas of the mattress and will minimise mattress indentation due to sleeping in the same place over extended periods of time. We strongly recommend to follow these care instructions to avoid issues with your mattress which can result in you voiding your warranty. 

Whether you should flip or rotate your mattress depends on whether it is one-sided or two-sided.

  • One-sided: rotate
  • Two-sided: flip

Prevent Stains and Odour

But when it comes to mattresses, the old adage is true: prevention is better than the cure. Invest in a quality mattress protector to prevent stains & odours occurring in the first place.

Caring for your mattress couldn’t be easier with a protector; it’ll keep your mattress in good condition by protecting it from stains and, in turn, extend its life.

Make sure bedding is washed regularly and is completely dry before re-dressing mattress. Wet or damp bedding can cause damp and odour smells and stains on a mattress, which you would want to avoid!

Take Care When Removing Stains

Whether you have children, pets or just a messy spouse, sometimes dirt and stains are inevitable. However, using a strong detergent could do more harm than good.

If you need to remove stains from your mattress, always use a very mild detergent, a cloth and cold water. Do not use bleach to clean it and never soak your mattress.

Likewise, when you’re cleaning a bed frame, any spirit-based cleaners are likely to damage the surface of a leather or fabric surface.

Avoid Sitting on the Edge

Never sit on the edge of a mattress or apply constant pressure to this area instead, try finding a stool or chair rather than sitting on the edge of the bed as this can also have detrimental effects on the mattress. A US study showed that a new mattress that was free from side compression helped 63% of back pain sufferers. Applying pressure on the edge of a mattress can damage internal components, damage the edge structure and can leave you with a deformed mattress side.

Never Fold It

If you ever need to move your mattress, be sure not to fold it as it can damage the interior construction and will reduce the quality of the comfort and support of your mattress. This rule only really applies to spring mattresses not full foam mattresses. If you spring mattress has arrived folded, it has been vacuum packed, compressed and carefully folded at your depot. You won't be able to replicate this process at home, so don't try!

Don’t Walk or Jump On It

Never walk, stand or jump on your mattress, or let your children use it as a trampoline, as this will damage the springs or contents of the mattress. Showing your mattress a bit of love for the many comfy nights it gives you will ensure you maintain a great relationship for years to come.

A happy mattress equals a happy, well-rested mattress owner.

Special Note

Please note, if you do not take care of your bed or mattress with our above recommendations this can affect the chances of a replacement product, claim under guarantee or any future claims.